Getting apparatus to LabAid

Possible routes

Donations of apparatus (no chemicals, please) can be transported to LabAid in Amersham in several ways. Please ensure you have discussed the best option with LabAid. Date and time MUST be agreed in advance with a LabAid volunteer, who will provide details of addresses, etc:

  • Bring it yourself (or get a friend to do so) to the LabAid store in Amersham, Bucks (or possibly to ASE HQ or to CLEAPSS or some other centre);

  • Take it to a local collection point (see below);

  • (For small, non-fragile items) post it.

Take to a collection point locally

Thanks to Gary Grant, Managing Director of The Entertainer chain of toy shops LabAid has an arrangement with most (but not all) of the shops. It is possible that there is one quite close by, which will accept a consignment for LabAid. They will then transport it to Amersham. Please label each box with the name of the donating school.

Packing and labeling your donation

All donations must be properly packed to prevent damage during transport (usually in lorries or vans) Please attach labels to the outside of each box/container with the name of the donating school or organisation.

Click here to download a PDF file of suitable labels.