Transport in UK

Please label your donation

Please attach labels to the outside of each box/container with the name of the donating school or organisation.

LabAid have prepared labels in the PDF file below for this purpose for you to download and print.

Click here to download "Apparatus Donation for Labaid" Labels.pdf.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to open the file.

Donations of apparatus can be transported to LabAid in Amersham in several ways. Please ensure you have discussed the best option with LabAid.

Bring to LabAid in Amersham

LabAid will arrange a mutually convenient date and time to accept a donation delivery at its storage facility in Amersham. Please telephone to plan this well in advance.

Take to a collection point locally

LabAid has an arrangement with 'The Entertainer', which is a national chain of high street toy shops. It is possible that there is one quite close by, which will accept a consignment for LabAid. They will then transport it to Amersham. Please label each box with the name of the donating school.

Collection by a local friend of LabAid

There are a number of people who are willing to collect donations locally to them and take them to Amersham or the nearest Entertainer themselves. LabAid will arrange for this person to contact you to agree a collection date. The country is far from being fully covered in this way!

Post suitable, non-fragile apparatus to LabAid.

Please ensure that any arrangement is agreed with LabAid first.