Urgently Required Apparatus

  • Metal or wooden retort stands
  • Metre rules
  • Signal generators
  • Balances - double and triple rider
  • Spirit thermometers
  • Spherical mirrors and lenses
  • Tuning Forks, Sonometers and Resonance Tubes
  • Horseshoe magnets
  • Metre bridges
  • Gold Leaf electroscope & accessories
  • Pulleys
  • Glass beakers
  • Burettes
  • 10ml and 25ml bulb pipettes
  • Quickfit glassware (B19 or smaller)
  • Biological models for biology experiments

Apparatus for physics experiments

Mass and Force
Balances - rider or lever (Buchart), spring/Newtonmeters, mechanical or electrical top pan.
Length & Volume
Metre rules, micrometers, calipers, measuring cylinders (glass or plastic), burettes, pipettes.
Stopclocks, stopwatches and wall clocks with sweep second hands. Ticker timers, tapes and trolleys
Thermometers-10°C to 110°C, 0°C to 300°C and clinical.
Ammeters, voltmeters, multimeters (analogue or digital), low voltage power packs, oscilloscopes and signal generators, circuit boards and/or electrical components-bulb and cell holders, resistors, rheostats, resistance boxes, metre bridges, capacitors, small motors, transformers, diodes, LEDs, LDRs, transistors etc., preferably mounted. Wires, plugs and sockets.
Apparatus for calorimetry expansion mechanical equivalent, conduction, convection, radiation.
Ray boxes, plane and curved mirrors, lenses, holders, object and image screens, blocks and prisms, stroboscopes and colour filters.
Sonometers, tuning forks, resonance tubes.
Magnets, compasses and iron filings, dip circle, solenoids.
Gold leaf electroscopes with all the usual accessories.

Apparatus for chemistry experiments

Test and boiling tubes, holders,brushes, beakers, flasks (especially conical) , Quickfit glassware, U-tubes, gasjars, shelves, pestles and mortars, gas or spirit burners, evaporating basins, crucibles, combustion tubes and boats, watch glasses, tripods, gauzes, triangles, tongs, wood and metal stands, clamps and bosses, filter funnels, filters, indicator and chromatographic paper, glass/ rubber/plastic tubing, bungs and corks.

Apparatus for Biology experiments

Microscopes, suitably mounted or unmounted slides and cover slips, dissecting tools, Petri dishes, clinostats, potometers, pooters, visking tube, anatomical models and wall charts.

Sending Apparatus to LabAid

If you have anything to donate, firstly please call LabAid or send an email, summarising the equipment, together with your telephone number.

Please go to the Transport in the UK page for details.

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